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2017 – 09/14

Republican senators unveil a new bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Senators Lindsey Graham (SC), Bill Cassidy (LA), Dean Heller (NV) and Ron Johnson (WI) released a bill that would repeal and replace the ACA with a block grant given annually to states to help people pay for […]

2017 – 09/13

The IRS just announced additional relief for Hurricane Irma victims similar to assistance provided to Hurricane Harvey victims. Employer-sponsored retirement plans can now make loans and hardship distributions to victims of Hurricane Irma and members of their families. IRA participants may also be a

2017 – 09/11

Victims of Hurricane Irma get tax relief. According to the IRS website, FEMA has already declared the U.S. Virgin Islands to be a federal disaster area, and other areas will be added in coming days. That will make eligible victims of Irma able to obtain various forms of tax relief. […]

2017 – 09/08

How much can an identity theft victim find out? Generally, tax return information must be kept confidential. In some cases, victims of identity theft can’t get information about what thieves have filed under their names. The IRS just addressed disclosure of returns filed by thieves or undocumented

2017 – 09/07

Are you prepared for a disaster? After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and with the looming threat of Hurricane Irma, the IRS has issued a list of ways that taxpayers should prepare for hurricanes, floods and other disasters. Specifically, the IRS recommends that taxpayers keep a duplicate set o