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Our mission is to assist clients in complex situations with understanding their options and achieving their goals.

The legacy you leave your heirs is many times dependent upon your situation. All estates, even simple ones, need planning and administration. However, if your estate is of a size or complexity that it may have tax considerations due to real estate holdings, a family business or other investments, it is not just wise — but necessary — to seek competent help prior to or in contemplation of death.

If you have a large estate or one that has assets not easily converted to cash, have charitable inclinations or potentially have a family member who is handicapped or has special needs, it is of the utmost importance that you plan accordingly. A detailed and complete evaluation of your situation can keep your legacy intact and avoid an overly burdensome tax code while ensuring your wishes are carried out after your death.

Our professionals have many years of estate and tax planning experience and can work with your attorney or financial advisor; or if needed, we can refer you to the experts needed for your situation. We also have experience acting as personal representatives, executors and trustees for our clients to ensure that the planning put in place is administrated properly both before and after their death.

We are “Proven Professionals Exceeding Your Expectations.”