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Exit or Succession Planning

Our mission is to assist clients in complex situations with understanding their options and achieving their goals.

You have spent many years or possibly your entire life building a business or an organization. The last thing on many people’s minds when they start or build a company is how the business will end. It has been our experience this is the exact time you need to start planning for the end or ultimate exit from the business.

Our professionals have extensive experience in business sales, key person retirements, succession planning for the next generation or simply the winding up of affairs and closing of the doors. Not waiting until the last minute is a key component and often times starting this planning years ahead is preferred. Whether it be issues like key person life insurance to fund the transfer or sale, retirement planning or putting the books and records in order to allow for a purchaser’s due diligence, we can help and be part of the entire evolutionary life of your business from start-up to exit.

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