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Construction Contractors

You know it better than anyone. The construction industry runs in cycles.

We have been helping contractors, subcontractors, builders and other construction-related businesses for more than 25 years to navigate both predictable and unpredictable downturns as well as surges that are due to the economy, internal changes or changes forced upon you by external factors.  We provide more than just the traditional services offered by many CPA firms.  We go above and beyond to ensure your construction company is able to generate profits and maintain positive cash flow.  Our experienced accounting and consulting professionals can guide you toward the best results for various business decisions that significantly influence your operations.

Our specialized construction accounting services include but are not limited to:

  • Entity choice and formation
  • Surety and bonding assistance
  • Multistate and local taxes (nexus issues)
  • Strategic planning
  • Cash flow and net operating income forecast modeling
  • Valuation and transaction consulting
  • Due diligence
  • Multi-project financial management
  • Project controls and financing
  • Operating cost minimization analysis and strategies
  • Business transition and continuity planning
  • Bankruptcy consulting and alternative options

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