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Other Professional Services

Architects, engineers, technology/website developers, financial planners, consultants … just to name a few. We understand the financial and tax challenges that each of you face every business day. From the initial start-up, to expansion, to exit strategy; we can provide the professional expertise to guide you through the accounting and tax issues in each of these phases of your business. We can also be your business partner who provides that outside opinion when you weigh business decisions. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Setup and ongoing support of accounting system
  • Selection of entity type (i.e. S corporation, C corporation etc.)
  • Assistance with lease/buy decisions
  • Selection of retirement plan to maximize contributions and income tax savings
  • Assistance with managing employee payroll tax issues
  • Maximizing business/individual income tax deductions/credits
  • Year-end tax planning

Allow us to help you grow your professional services business by taking the worry out of the accounting and tax “unknowns” so you can concentrate on the specific needs of your clients.

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