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Real Estate Professionals

The real estate profession is one that can have many complex business issues. Whether you are a land developer, a lessor of residential or commercial buildings, a real estate agent, a property manager or a real estate investor, our team has the expertise to assist you in the myriad of issues facing real estate professionals. We are here to assist you in all phases of your business from choosing the optimal entity structure for a new business, to day-to-day operations, to valuation and exit strategies.

With our specialized real estate knowledge, we can guide you through the tax and accounting issues that are unique to real estate professionals. These include but are not limited to:

  • Accounting system setup and maintenance
  • Purchases and sales of real estate
  • Passive activity losses
  • Section 1031 like kind exchanges
  • Short sales and foreclosures

The real estate market is constantly changing. You need a business partner with proven experience to assist you with the complicated tax and accounting issues facing the real estate industry.

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